((haha sure)) -blushes slightly and grins- Pretty good, just got out of practice, want to go for some lunch maybe? Nothing fancy just kind of well you know- food.


The blush on the male’s face caused Asami’s smile to widen a bit. “How adorable.”  Every time his face would go red, she couldn’t help but fall in love with him even more. 

"Food sounds great right now. " She slipped her arm into his, and looked up to face him. "You know what, I think you should pick the place this time." Well, when it came to going out, it seemed that Asami always chose where they’d spent their time at. Today, she was practically starving. The female had been busy with some matters earlier that same day, which prevented her from eating a simple meal. "I’m up for anything." She reassured, reminding Mako that she wasn’t the picky type, especially when it came to eating. 

(( I’m going to bring up his beauty pageant past while they’re eating or walking )) 

Uh, hey Asami -awkwardly coughs-

((( Helloooo~ o vo ))

"Hello, sweetie The female teased with a grin forming on her ruby lips. She lightly punched the fire bender’s shoulder with a small chuckle. "So, how’s my favorite fire-bender doing today?" 

((Oh, hey, I kinda want Asami to tease Mako about his beauty pageant past, fufufufu > u> Can I?? ))

I know you are not a bender, but I would still be excited to give you some lessons. If you know what I mean.

((ooc: Sorry for the late reply Q vQ;; "She doesn’t need any lessons, because Mako already showed her everything there is to know.”[sxgysahd//shot] ))

Her eyes narrowed on the male. She’d seen and heard his name before on every corner of Republic City. He was a Pro-bending star, a playboy, a womanizer. You know what else he was? A dirty player. She didn’t like dirty players. Yes, she had attended to some of the Wolf-Bat’s games before, but out of all the teams, that one was her least favorite. He thought he was the only one important in the team. 


A grin made her way on her lips before continuing "To be honest, I am not interested. Not the tiniest bit. Why don’t you try asking one of those fangirls who follows you and your group around everywhere. Maybe she likes being disappointed.”  ((burnnn)) The last sentence was meant to sting. Why? She just really didn’t like the guy. 

Anonymous said:
What was once a competition had turned into something else. Something Asami wasn't quite sure she wanted to name. Certainly not something she had ever intended when she ran into Tahno at the salon. One bottle of the shampoo they both relied on was left, neither was willing to back down. Now both their lovely hair was tangled and filled with sweat as they rolled on the ground of their agreed upon battlefield. It was only when she realized she was enjoying this too much, she said "You need it more

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platekini said:
My brother wants to know if you'll go on a date with him.

((PFFT. I don’t know why, but I found that adorable ))

She smiled. 

Finally someone asked a question that was not negatively thrown at her. 

"I’m absolutely flattered."

Her warm smile was still intact. 

"But, I don’t think Mako would feel so dandy about that." 

The female chuckled a little. The thought of Mako becoming jealous was quite amusing. He was always adorable when his eyebrows sank together in irritation. She loved teasing him. It was the cutest thing ever

Anonymous said:

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A small sigh seeped through her tainted lips, seconds before giving the gray faced stranger her full attention. 

"Not to sound rude but…"

Running her hands though her dark hair, the female continued

"When did Mako ever belong to anyone?"

Seriously, what was he? A pet or object of some sort? A trophy? Mako was Mako, and he has the right to choose who to be with. And at this very moment, Mako has chosen to be with her; so what’s the logic of bickering over who is with who? 

Asami, you're totally nice and adorable :3. I would like if you were my big sis D':

((sorry for the late reply dhdwuqfdgejw ))

"Thank-you dear! I have to say that’s quite a compliment." Her lips turned into a sweet smile as her emerald eyes glistened. She had to be honest, all these people were extremely nice and welcoming. Some people where even saying that they would love to have her as a sister. Spirits, they were too flattering. 

Anonymous said:
I quite like you, Asami. You're a very interesting girl.

(( I like you too. Who ever you are. *touches gray face ))

"Well, I have to say, I’m quite flattered. Thank-you for the kind words." The female responded with a light smile complimenting her face.

She wondered what Mako would think of this, if he still wasn’t use to having strangers talk to her in such a manner. This thought made her grin a little. She just imagined him lowering his eyebrows in an irritated way. How adorable. 

Anonymous said:
so asami, how's u and mako? he seems to have a soft spot for you, huh?

She couldn’t fight back the smile that her lips where showing. Just the mention of his name made her heart flutter a bit. 

"We’er fine."

She lied. They were more than fine. Spirits, she thought he was amazing. His character, his ways… Just everything about him made her happy. Asami respected him in so many levels. How he managed to take care of his brother and the team just inspired her. She also found him adorable when he’d stutter a bit. For once she met someone that didn’t treat her like a little princess, but like a normal human being. 

"I suppose he does" The female responded with her smile still intact. 

Is it you, or is it Maybelline?

"Well, which of the two do you think it is?" The female teased with a grin curving the ends of her lips upwards. Might as well have a little fun with these questions.